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Refretting Guitars Step 1: Fret Removal. ... The fret slots on unbound fingerboards can be cleaned with a traditional fret slotting saw of the appropriate size. Bound necks require very short bladed saws that will fit between the binding or, my favorite, a small hook tool that nicely scrapes the slot clean. Cutting Fret Slots,without the right tools | Telecaster ... My first fret board was done with tools from the local hardware store. I found a small saw very similar to the one sold with the Stewmac miter. It cut slightly wide for a fret slot. But, I noticed the teeth of the saw where offset a bit left and right. A few hammer blows later and I had them straightened out. How to Refret a Guitar | Electric Herald

When you're deepening or cleaning fret slots, it's a good idea not to cut them unevenly or too deep. The basic idea to cut the slots to a uniform depth Dan makes the job easy. He drills four large holes in his fret saw blade: These holes are large enough to allow the guides plenty of room for adjustment. The guides are two identical strips of ...

DIY fret slot miter box and saw? | Telecaster Guitar Forum As far as a fret slot mitre box goes they are dead easy to fashion. I have one I use for non standard scale lengths that my other options won't cover and that includes one piece necks. If your thinking of building one the only extras on this one are a plexi top cover that is set to the depth of the required saw cut and and old back saw that I ... Question regarding Fretboard Radius and Fret Slot Cutting ... Rob Allen, whose shop is right down the hall from me, has a nice big Fadal CNC machine with the auto tool changer and all. He does his necks in the machine, first radiusing the fingerboard surface, then slotting with a tiny 0.020" vertical endmill. He has it programmed 3-D so the slot stays constant depth, following the radius.

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Installing the Frets in a Fretted Stringed Musical Instrument There are some other tools that will help a lot. A tool blade that can be used to clean out the fret slots is very handy. You can buy one ready made from the lutherie supply places, or make one out of an old hobby knife blade, box cutter blade, feeler gauge, or hacksaw blade.

Thoroughly clean the outside of the seat tube around the slot and the slot itself with isopropyl alcohol to ensure a clean surface.

StewMac Fret Slot Cleaning Tool | eBay Take it from Dan Erlewine,"A fret won't seat well if its slot isn't clean!". The special hooked, square-edged chisels get into the corners of the slots on bound fretboards. The Fret Slot Cleaning Tool features. | eBay! Refret Saw and Fret Slot Cleaning Tool Set | fret tools

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The Guitar Maker's Backsaw for Cutting Fret Slots I still use the fret slotting services at LMI. I wish I had a better saw even for cleaning out the slots! Over a year ago, Kieran, at overthewireless mentioned on his blog that he was working with the folks at Bad Axe Tool Works to make a high end fret saw. That saw is now available to order. Question regarding Fretboard Radius and Fret Slot Cutting ...