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Brave Frontier Beginner’s Guide by Enz3r0 I haven’t seen a big updated version of a beginner’s guide, and with a hefty amount of players transferring from CC to BF due to game closure, I thought this might be a good opportunity to do so now. Brave Frontier The Green Threat Guide | GuideScroll Brave Frontier The Green Threat (Lugina EX Trial) Guide by Twofu. Accessed in the Summoners’ Research Lab within Imperial Capital Randall after you have defeated Cardes the Malevolent in Trial No. 004. Trial EX: The Green Threat is available until you defeat him. 50 Energy, 1 battle, and 70,000 experience. Gems cannot be used to revive. brave frontier account | EpicNPC Marketplace Hi, i sell my Brave Frontier EU account with a lot of Exclusive units. Account level 385 RC 6 49M Zel 49M Mana 11 Gems (and a lot of quest not done for more) HR 37 Objects storage unlocked to 550 Units storage unlocked to 1005 All the units are lvl maxed and max imped. Unit list ...

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Completion Requirements. Gold 1: Recover Erza (Using Korzan Team). Gold 2: Defeat High Inquisitor (Using Avani Team). Silver 1: Defeat Dragonrider Azurai. Silver 2: Defeat High Inquisitor within 10 turns. Rewards. First Clear: 1 Gem. 100% Complete: Sphere: Bond of Rih’alnase. Brave frontier max sphere slot The Brave Burst level amount that will be passed on is as follows: Parameters MAX — Units that have maximum stats from the imp fuse. Units | Brave Frontier Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia As you continue through the lands of Grand Gaia, you will gain access to Units, by defeating and capturing them during quests, or by Summoning them through the Gates. Units are the spirits of mighty heroes, legendary monsters and great … Brave Frontier Guide: Units - Without The Sarcasm Now that we've covered the basics in our aptly-named Basics Guide, let's dig in deep and explore the world of Brave Frontier units. Read more ›

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It does work, but Behemoth only needs the DoT sphere. DoT damage is only affected by the effect causing the DoT and the unit's base ATK, which makes it exceptionally strong on Behemoth. It also means his sphere slot and elgif slot are free to cover AI and BBoH. Lord Behemoth at OE+3 and max imps will deal 96k damage before DEF, for example.

Brave Frontier - Items Guide and Recipes Japan - A community effort by Brave Frontier PROs Brave Frontier - Items Guide and Recipes Japan - by Brave Frontier PROs Brave Frontier Items Guide - Japan [UPDATED]Brave Frontier Global v1.3.0/Japan v1.3.2 ... - iOSGods! Hack [UPDATED]Brave Frontier Global v1.3.0/Japan v1.3.2/Europe v1.1.1 Item/Sphere/Unit Injection By jayvee , March 10, 2015 in ViP Cheats 820 posts in this topic Reddit - bravefrontier - JPBF 3/24 New Units. 2 Dream Evos JPBF 3/24 New Units. 2 Dream Evos. ... Her normal attacks will hit for over 20000 damage before you even consider her second sphere slot, ... Brave Frontier Balancing ... Idle poring – Game guide : All Gems and Battle pets and Runes ... Runes skill max level is 3. To unlock new Runes skills for pet, you have to get some green / blue / purple battle pet at requirement level first. To unlock new Runes skills for character, you have to get some green / blue / purple explorer pet at requirement level first. Each pet can carry max 4 runes skills, each character can carry max 5 ...

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Units | Brave Frontier Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The Sphere Frog adds another sphere slot to a unit, allowing that unit to equip two spheres at the same time, instead of the usual one. The Burst Emperor when fused increases one unit's BB/SBB level by 5.